The Onka Stompa Competition

A little on what the Onka Stompa competition is about and how it is run.

The Onka Stompa competition is aimed at any angler of any age coming down and having a go regardless of ability. Women and children are highly encouraged. Entry is a donation of what the person can afford to donate to the charity, which allows people who are struggling financially to have a go. I have found that the majority of entrants are generous and do the right thing.

I have many prizes to give away, but there are only a few actual winning categories –

Biggest Bream – Men

Biggest Bream – Women

Biggest Mulloway (Open)

Biggest Bream Junior (16 and under)

Biggest Other Fish – Senior

Biggest Other Fish – Junior (16 and under)

Overall biggest bream is the overall OnkaStompa winner (Champion) for the year and gets their name on the perpetual trophy.

When entrants register they receive a ticket. These tickets are used for random draws in which 90%of the prizes are given away. This rewards people for coming and having a go, and many go home with a prize whether they caught a fish or not. I like to reward effort and it keeps the competition in the right spirit and gives everyone a chance. I have separate draws for the women and kids as to ensure that a decent percentage of them will win something rather than the majoirty of men taking too many prizes due to higher numbers.

The competition is a catch and release competition, so I have many helpers on the day as officials dressed in high vis vests to measure and verify fish armed with security radios to keep everything updated and add a bit of banter, as well as friends arming the BBQ etc. All of the guys who help me on the day are quality people, who are committed in making it a great day for a great cause.